Decrease in the price of video cards was predicted

1 week ago

Decrease in the cost of products on the global graphics card market is expected in the second half of the year.

Journalists refer to the CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang (Jensen Huang), who spoke at a press briefing. Huang believes that the shortage in the market was primarily due to increased demand and a shortage of components, rather than limited supply. Prices are rising because consumers are willing to overpay, he said.

Decrease in the price of video cards was predicted

Predicting the market situation, Jensen Huang noted that the rate of production of video cards – including those belonging to the new generation of Ampere – is increasing. In this regard, the top manager of Nvidia believes that graphics cards will become cheaper, and prices will become more reasonable in the second half of 2021.

Huang also noted that the increased interest in cryptocurrency also affects the increase in the cost of graphics cards. The head of Nvidia concluded that it is better to provide an alternative line of products for miners than to wait until the boom stops.

In late March, Nvidia unveiled the Palit CMP 30HX graphics card designed for cryptocurrency mining. The device is focused on Ethereum mining, its hashrate – a unit of measure of power in mining – is 26 megachesh. Translated into Russian currency, the cost of the model exceeded 50 thousand rubles.