Deliveries of Tesla Model Y outside the USA have begun

11 months ago

Against the background of an internal letter circulating over the network with an appeal from the head of Tesla, Elon Mask to staff urging staff to speed up the production of Tesla Semi (it was planned to start the limited production of electric trucks in 2020, however, a recent report announced a change in plans and a transfer to 2021) for the first time exceeded $ 1000, with the result that Tesla took Toyota’s title as the most expensive public company in the automotive market. However, this week another important event took place in the activities of the American manufacturer – the newest compact crossover Tesla Model Y went beyond the United States. The first customer from Canada received their cars.

Recall, the compact Tesla Model Y crossover built on the same platform as Model 3 (about 75% of all components of these models are interchangeable) entered the market in March and until that time its supplies were limited only to the USA. This first delivery to Canada marks the formal start of Model Y international sales.

Among the Canadian lucky ones who received the keys to Model Y was Charlie Wong, who works as a consultant at the Tesla showroom in Vancouver. He confirmed the start of the supply of Tesla Model Y crossovers to Vancouver. At the same time, on the British Columbia Tesla Owners community page on Instagram, they published a photo of the negotiated Model Y in the color Deep Blue Metallic.

For Canadian customers, the car comes in Long Range and Performance configurations at a price of $ 59,720 and $ 64,199 respectively. For clarity: this is the regular price before applying local discounts as provided by local law.

Interestingly, international deliveries of Tesla Model Y started just a couple of days after reports of some problems with increasing production and supply of this model at the company’s factory in Fremont (Tesla has no other Model Y lines except Freemont).

Moreover, Model Y actually got to Germany, though unofficially. A German electric car rental company purchased Model Y for its fleet, but Tesla’s localized German website still says official deliveries won’t start until 2021. It is expected that European buyers of Model Y will be able to get the cars when the Gigafactory 4 plant under construction in Berlin starts operating now – this should happen just in 2021 (the foundations are already being filled in the facility).

Tesla Model Y’s international shipments to key markets across Europe and Asia are expected to begin sometime in the first half of 2021. In addition, Tesla is now actively developing the Phase 2 line for the assembly of Model Y at Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, where the Phase 1 line for the release of Model 3 is currently operating (its capacity has recently been increased from the initial 150 thousand to 200 thousand Model 3 per year). After the introduction of Phase 2, the capacity of the enterprise will increase to 300 thousand electric cars per year).

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