Democrats promise to hold Russia accountable for threatening US troops

If he wins the presidential election, US Democratic candidate Joe Biden will “hold Russia accountable” for any threat to US troops, vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris said during a debate with Vice President Mike Pence. The broadcast was hosted by the CBS TV channel.

Harris echoed the reports of a number of American media outlets about Russia’s alleged “deal” with the radical Taliban movement (an organization banned in Russia) in Afghanistan.

Earlier, The New York Times wrote that Russia was encouraging the Taliban (an organization banned in Russia) militants to attack international coalition servicemen in Afghanistan. The Washington Post later claimed that “several” US troops had died in Afghanistan due to an alleged collusion between Russia and the Taliban.

The Russian side denies this information, the Taliban movement also claims that the published information does not correspond to reality. The groundlessness of these accusations was also declared in the US Department of Defense.