Denmark’s destruction of minks to close largest fur auction

Due to the destruction of minks by Denmark, the largest fur auction Kopenhagen Fur will close.

“We had 300 people at the company, and that was the most discouraging statement I ever made before them,” said the director.

Christensen added that the closure will be gradual. By the end of 2020, Kopenhagen Fur will receive all previously agreed skins. Next year the company sells the leftovers from the Danish warehouses.

Earlier in November, it was reported that the Danish authorities had changed their minds to exterminate all minks on fur farms. The Minister for Gender Equality, Food and Fisheries of Food, Mogen Jensen, said that such a decision had no legal basis.

Before that, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the susceptibility of minks to coronavirus, which makes them dangerous to humans.

On November 5, Denmark decided to destroy all minks on fur farms to prevent the spread of the mutated coronavirus. In these animals, an infection was found that spreads to humans and contributes to the weakening of the ability to form antibodies. There are currently 12 registered people with this virus.