Depressed by coronavirus, man kills wife and son

11 months ago

A resident of Orlando (USA, Florida) Smith Rivera was accused of double murder, his wife and son became his victims. This was reported by the local news channel WFLA.

The bodies of those killed by 57-year-old Jody and 21-year-old Matthew with gunshot wounds were discovered in their house on Sunday. Appearing at the crime scene, the father of the family during an inspection by the police immediately admitted his deed. According to a police report, Rivera, 59, also admitted to attempting to kill a man who, according to him, lives in his house but is not related to his family. The victim, whose name was changed in the report, said that Rivera shot him several times and then drove him out of the house. After that, the shooter got into the car and drove away, and when he returned, there was already police in the house.

As the sister of the arrow said, recently her brother, the father of three children, was depressed due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to her, a wounded man hiding from home is Rivera’s other son.

Smith Rivera is currently in custody, charged with two first-degree murders and attempted murder with a firearm.

At the end of March, a Brit was reportedly murdered his wife on the fifth day after quarantine due to a coronavirus pandemic. The couple has been married for 45 years. They still have a daughter.

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