Derek Chovin, accused of George Floyd’s death, is guarded only by whites

10 months ago

Minnesota Correctional Facility officials say only white employees are allowed contact with prisoner Derek Chauvin, a former policeman accused of the death of African American George Floyd.

Chovin was arrested on May 29 on charges of the murder of George Floyd on May 25. He already had more than a dozen complaints of misconduct, and the strangulation of an African-American by a knee was a shocking incident that stirred up the whole country. A former Minneapolis police officer is being held in Ramsey County Prison, and all minority officers have been ordered to avoid him. The prison administration is accused of racial discrimination, a statement has been sent to the Department of Human Rights.

According to the Star Tribune, eight African-American security guards say they are not allowed to work on the floor where Chovin is being held. They say their superiors issued such an order because their race could be a nuisance.

“It turned out that we can’t be trusted to professionally carry out our work duties with respect to a high-ranking prisoner – solely because of the color of our skin. I don’t know a similar situation when white officers were separated from the prisoner, ”wrote one of the sergeants.

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