“Destructive policy”: response of the Federation Council to the US statements on Crimea

Member of the Federation Council from Sevastopol Yekaterina Altabaeva commented on the US statements on non-recognition of the results of the Crimean and Sevastopol elections. In her opinion, the fact that some of the foreign states are not happy with the elections does not play any role for the residents of Sevastopol and Crimea.

“The main thing is that the residents of Crimea and Sevastopol and the Russian Federation as a whole were satisfied. Sevastopol residents voted almost unanimously, the interim governor Mikhail Razvozhaev won almost 86% of the vote, which suggests that local residents are very satisfied with the election results,” she told the correspondent RIA Novosti Crimea Ekaterina Altabaeva. She noted that the reality in which Crimeans and Sevastopol residents live is real for them, and the statements of “Ukrainian politicians and their patrons” exist in “surreal space.” As RIA Novosti Crimea reported earlier, the US Embassy in Ukraine has threatened that anti-Russian sanctions will continue. “The sanctions already exist, and I think that in the near future they will last, regardless of whether the elections were held or not, but for other political and military-political reasons. But I firmly believe that in the end common sense will win. I would like the Ukrainian people, our brotherly state to understand that this is a destructive policy, evil is born of evil. And in the place of the Americans, I would see what they are doing inside the country, it would be more productive, “the senator added. Earlier, similar statements about the elections were made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and representatives of the European Union. However, the head of the Sevizbirkom Sergei Danilenko is confident that the elections in Sevastopol will eventually “be recognized by absolutely everyone.”