Details of the hostage-taking in Montreal emerged

Details of the hostage taking in Montreal, Canada have emerged. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla narrative director Derby McDevitt wrote on his Twitter page that the hostages were seized in a building next to the Montreal office of game developer Ubisoft.

An employee of the company commented on the information of a Twitter user that people came out of the Ubisoft building with their hands raised, and the building itself was surrounded by armed police at that moment. McDevitt noted that the hostage-taking took place in a nearby building and urged residents to be careful.

The police did not comment on this information. A special operation is underway in the area.

Earlier on November 13, Canadian media reported that in Montreal, unknown persons took hostages in the office of the game studio Ubisoft. A video appeared with dozens of people on the roof of the building who could be taken out for security purposes. Nothing is known about the requirements of the attackers.

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