Details of Trump’s impeachment case are out

Details of Trump's impeachment case are out

The office of former U.S. President Donald Trump told about the appointment of two lawyers who will lead his team of lawyers in the impeachment trial in the Senate.
The interests of the former leader of the country will be represented by lawyers David Shen and Bruce L. Castor Jr. It is noted that Trump announced the new appointments after the two attorneys who were to represent him in the impeachment trial in the Senate – Deborah Barbier and Butch Bowers – left the team.

According to a statement from the former leader’s office, attorney David Shen has already been working with the 45th president and other advisers to prepare for the upcoming trial and that the attorneys “agree that this impeachment is unconstitutional.”

Earlier, it was reported that Trump had lost five attorneys who had been developing a defense strategy for his impeachment case before the U.S. Senate. The reason for the disagreement may have been Trump’s desire to base his defense on the fact that the U.S. presidential election he lost was allegedly rigged, rather than on the issue of the legality of impeachment after the president’s term expires.

The impeachment trial will begin after Feb. 8. The resolution contains one count of sedition. Trump became the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

On Jan. 14, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump over the riots in Washington.

On Jan. 6, protesting Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building and surrounded the Senate chamber. The Senate and House of Representatives interrupted a meeting where they planned to approve the results of the last election. During the protests, police detained nearly 70 rioters, and five people were killed.