Dexamethasone is the first proven effective medicine against coronavirus

Dexamethasone can save the life of a coronavirus patient

This was reported in the material of the British BBC service.

It is specified that dexamethasone is an inexpensive and widespread drug.

According to British experts, treatment with small doses of the steroid as of today is the main breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus.

“This reduces the mortal risks by a third for patients who are on mechanical ventilation and by one fifth for those on oxygen,” the article says.

According to researchers, using dexamethasone to treat coronavirus from the start of the epidemic could save 5,000 lives. At the same time, the cheapness of the drug makes it available to residents of poor countries with a large number of cases of coronavirus infection.

At the moment, the drug is used to relieve inflammation and stop the damage to the immune system.

“This is so far the only medicine that accurately reduces mortality and that is significant. This is a breakthrough, ”said expert Peter Horby.

It is noted that dexamethasone does not help people who easily tolerate coronavirus. Those who do not have difficulty breathing.

Dexamethasone has been used since the early 60s to treat various diseases, including asthma or arthritis.