Did Google just ‘Predict’ The FIFA World Cup 2022 Final In Qatar?

The tech giant Google has wrongly declared Qatar as the final match in the World Cup, putting Brazil and France in the finals of the tournament.

A while ago, users looking on “Lusail Stadium event” found results that revealed that Brazil would be playing France in the Qatari “Jewel of the Desert” stadium.

According to Twitter user Ataque Futbolero. Football fans might be in a rush to claim this is a plot created through FIFA and the elite of the world. It’s more likely, however, to be the case that this “trusted internet search engine” did a little mistake.

fighting misinformation

The tech-savvy company has plans to combat such misconceptions and has recently released an update to address it.

As evidently Google’s blog post from last month revealed that Google now issues “content advisory” when people search for something that has poor quality results.

Pandu Nayak, Google’s vice president of search, believes that this new approach will help improve the literacy of media and fight misconceptions around the world.

“Sometimes an interest in a current news story is portrayed more quickly than it actually is or there’s not enough information that is reliable online about an issue. Information literacy experts refer to this as an information gap. Most of the time,” Nayak said.Google content advisory

“To deal with these issues problems, it is best to present content suggestions in the context of ever-changing subjects, and then keep checking back as more sources are made available. This suggests that there’s,” Nayak said on the Google blog.

For instance for instance, if someone seeks out “how to connect to the Illuminati,” Google will provide an Content Warning that informs the user that there might be no reliable information on the subject.

As fake news is now a threat on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook This trend is likely to cause other tech companies to follow suit.

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