Did Mark Zuckerberg Lease the UFC Apex? Dana White Clear The Confusion

UFC President Dana White has made statements to dispel rumors about UFC 61 in Vegas. Just a few days ago when the MMA media reported that journalists and spectators were not allowed to enter inside the UFC Apex Center for UFC 61. The event isn’t accessible whatsoever, and this has naturally led to speculation about the event.

The DWCS post-season final media conference witnessed Dana White call out MMA journalist Amy Kaplan for hinting at an explanation for the closed doors of UFC 61. Kaplan tweeted, but stayed clear of divulging any specifics or details. Kaplan also informed her followers on Twitter about the fun exchange she had with White.

Rumor Had It

While Kaplan kept her mouth shut the the headliner Mackenzie Dern stepped in to help fuel the fire. She addressed her media conference on Wednesday with the media on the occasion. As per her statement, Facebook CEO, founder Meta Chairman as well as CEO Mark Zuckerberg will attend the event. She added the fact that Zuckerberg has reserved the venue for the event and that is the reason no one was able to access the venue. A video of Zuckerberg training was recently shared on the internet and speculation was on the rise.

” I know Mark Zuckerberg rented out the whole event,” Dern told ESPN (via ESPN). “I am sure he will be there but I’m not sure whether it’s his wife, him or if he’ll be having friends , or if it’s some kind of gathering. However, from someone who was hoping for to have a big event with an audience, it’sgoing to be] very intimate, and very private.”

Here Comes the Boom!

Then Dana White stepped in to deny the allegations completely. White posted on Twitter to confirm the news and clarify the situation for all.

When asked about the actual reasonbehind the incident, White just replied that it was to give the popular MMA media the day off. UFC Vegas 61 is set to take place on October 1 2022. The headline reel being shared by Dern as well as the #14-ranked Yan Xiaonan.

” Oh, we just figured that you guys have been so busy lately, we’d give you guys a night off,” White stated via Sportskeeda. “Guys You’re here on Tuesdays and you’re there on Saturdays. Kevin [journalist] arrived today. We have to give our fans an opportunity to relax. Therefore, you’re welcome.”White said, “You guys should stay at home, eat a meal and then watch the fights go to the movies and have a blast yourself.”

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