Did something break through the Milky Way?

No matter how it sounds, but such a theory was seriously voiced in 2019 at the astronomical conference in Denver. Astrophysicist Anna Bonaka spoke about a strange phenomenon recorded in one of the stellar currents of the Milky Way.

She believes she discovered 2 gaps in the stellar stream, reminiscent of an inlet and an outlet, the dimensions of which are not even millions of kilometers.

The culprit of these “holes” arose from nowhere and disappeared there, leaving no trace.

Moreover, the 2nd gap had torn edges, it was like something huge broke through the stellar stream and pulled some of the stars behind him.

Body sizes should be calculated in parsec, and 1 parsec for a minute is approximately 30856775810000 km.

In an interview with LiveScience, the scientist said that such massive stellar bodies that can do this simply can not exist.

Especially moving across the galaxy!

Except one – another black hole! But a black hole has already been discovered in our galaxy, and in large galaxies, as a rule, there is only one black hole in the center.

It is possible that the studies conducted are not entirely correct. It is possible that modern telescopes are limited to look so far away.

And it is also possible that an incredibly large black hole is worn in our galaxy, which destroys everything around itself, appearing and again disappearing without a trace.