Dietologist advised dessert with a strong hangover

Dietologist advised dessert with a strong hangover

Skilled nutritionist Angelica Duval told how to escape the symptoms of severe hangover.

In particular, in the morning, to get rid of the unpleasant sensations accompanying a strong hangover, Duval recommends baking apples and pears in the oven.

The nutritionist explained that these products contribute to the rapid recovery of mucous stomach. In this regard, fruit puree may also be useful.

During the day, the expert also recommends eating light food: vegetables and broths cooked on fish, chicken or turkey.

Duval debunked the myth that eating cucumber brine helps get rid of hangovers. On the contrary, the brine only adds to the load on the kidneys.
“Here you should reason logically. Alcohol puts a heavy load on the liver. As an appetizer for alcohol is not the highest quality food, at parties, it is believed that once you snap, I will eat everything. In the morning, fatty food puts even more stress on the liver,” the expert explains.

According to Duval, the main task after any stormy party is to restore the stock of vitamins and minerals in the body.
For those who can’t eat at all, she advised to drink a protein cocktail of plant origin.

Duval recommended pumpkin or hemp protein, because the cocktail based on them contains not only proteins, but also a lot of vitamins and minerals.