Disclosed the contents of the suicide note of the mayor of Seoul

Yonghap News Agency revealed the contents of a suicide note by Seoul Mayor Pak Won-sun, whose body was found after his disappearance.

“I apologize to everyone. I thank everyone who has been with me in my life. I feel guilty about my family, which I only hurt, ”the note says. Park Won Song asked to cremate his body, scatter the ashes over the grave of his parents, and also said goodbye to everyone.

South Korean police began the search for the mayor after his daughter claimed the disappearance. She reported that her father left home, leaving a note similar to a will, and disappeared. Later, his body was discovered near Mount Bugak in the north of the city. The preliminary cause of death is suicide.

The day before Park Won Soon’s disappearance, the secretary sued him. She accused the mayor of sexual harassment.