Disclosed the duration of the vaccine against coronavirus

A potential vaccine against coronavirus from the British drug manufacturer AstraZeneca will be able to provide protection against infection for about a year. The duration of its action was revealed by the head of the company Pascal Sorio, reports Reuters.

According to Sorio, the company has already begun human vaccine trials. The specialist noted that the first phase of testing in the UK should end soon. “If everything goes well, then we will get the results of clinical trials in August-September. At the same time, we are producing, ”he said.

The company will be ready to start deliveries by October, Sorio added.

Earlier in June, it became known that European countries purchased an astraZeneca coronavirus vaccine that had not yet been developed. It was noted that the contract signed by the European Alliance of Inclusive Vaccines (IVA), involves the supply of 400 million doses. Deliveries are scheduled to begin at the end of this year.

Currently, several companies in different countries, including Russia, the USA, Great Britain and China, are developing a vaccine against coronavirus. So, the American biotechnology company Moderna, in particular, plans to switch to human testing in July. Another US company, Novavax, sponsored by billionaire Bill Gates, announced the start of clinical trials of a new vaccine for coronavirus in humans in May.