Disclosed the identity of the “Russian agent” from the protests in the US

10 months ago

Web users revealed the identity of an American policeman with a tattoo with the word “Russia,” which provided security during protests in Texas.
In early June, this picture appeared on social networks. Journalists drew attention to an unusual tattoo of a man and jokingly called him a “Russian agent.”

One of the VKontakte users found the policeman’s Facebook page. It turned out to be a resident of Texas, Michael Askew.

The profile of an American indicates that he knows Russian. In 2012, he visited Khabarovsk, and on the cover of his page is a photograph of the Transfiguration Cathedral of this city. The photograph of one of Askew’s relatives shows that on his left hand there is a tattoo with the word “Khabarovsk”.

On the page of the policeman there are photos from his wedding, on which a poster in Russian is visible. Netizens also found Askew’s wife, a girl from Russia. He probably dedicated a tattoo to his lover.

Since the end of May, protests and riots have been taking place in many major US cities over the death of African American George Floyd during police detention. One of the law enforcement officers, who, for several minutes, leaned with his knee on Floyd’s neck, was charged with murder, the other three of aiding murder.

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