Disclosed the reason for the fall of the bus with schoolchildren in the reservoir

The driver intentionally sent a bus with schoolchildren to the fence, after which the car capsized in a reservoir in Anshun in the Chinese province of Guizhou. This reason is revealed by the Xinhua News Agency with reference to the local police.

It is noted that on the day of the accident, the 52-year-old driver drank alcohol. The police believe that he committed the crime “to create a resonance.”

According to the results of the investigation, his motive was “dissatisfaction with life and difficulties with housing”. The man lived in a house rented by an employer. In June, he signed an agreement to subsidize relocation, but he did not receive the promised funds. Then the driver again rented an apartment, but it soon turned out that the building was going to be demolished.

The passenger bus fell from a bridge into the reservoir of Anshun City on July 7. 21 people died, another 15 were injured. Among the passengers were college entrants: they were sent for entrance exams. At least three of them were injured, and one died.