Discovery: gray hair may recede in the absence of stress

11 months ago

Columbia University, I am sure that it is possible to reverse the graying of hair. A technique has been created that allows you to study changes in hair pigmentation.

Using the well-known average hair growth rate (about a centimeter per month), scientists tracked how the color of each individual hair changed over time. These changes were compared with events in human life.

It turned out that hair pigmentation restoration is quite common in representatives of both sexes, of different ethnicity and at different ages. Color can return to hair growing in different places of the scalp, as well as in different parts of the body. This takes an average of three months. However, in a short time, the hair that has regained its color can turn gray again.

Scientists have also proven a direct relationship between gray hair and stress. That is, when the stress level decreases, the hair can regain its original color. According to experts, using the data obtained, it is possible to develop effective methods for restoring the natural color of gray hair.

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