Discrete graphics card not from AMD or Nvidia? Chinese Zhaoxin prepares its first GPU

Ordinary PC users were unlikely to ever hear about Zhaoxin, but we wrote about it more than once. She is interesting because she is developing her own original x86-bit CPUs.

Yes, they are not yet striking with their performance, as well as with the technical process, however, they are still fully-fledged relatively modern CPUs that will quite suit an undemanding user.

According to a source, this year Zhaoxin will enter the market of discrete graphics cards! Details are still very few. It is known that the GPU will be produced according to the 28-nanometer process technology, and the TDP will lie within 70 watts. That is, apparently, we are waiting for one GPU and one or two models of video cards based on it. Of course, with these parameters, we will obviously be talking about a budget solution, but still this is a very important step for the market, because a new player will appear on it, creating its own unique GPUs. Of course, they are unlikely to appear outside of China, but that’s another matter.