Discuss geopolitics over a bottle of vodka: Russia will release “Simulator of drinking online”

Russian studio Kavkaz Sila Games has announced the “Online Plump Simulator”. Judging by the project page on Steam, the game will be released on October 23, its price is still unknown.

Among the features of the simulator, the authors name an innovative idea, the ability to drink with “virtual homies” (you can even “figure out for eight”), voice chat, a collection of jokes and watching TV while intoxicated.

Drinking Simulator online is your ideal solution for drinking alcohol with gentlemen. Look for the same sophisticated gentlemen as you, in order to discuss geopolitical problems over a bottle of vodka, ”the developers urge.

Among the past games of Kavkaz Sila Games – a simulator of prison riddles “There are two chairs”, simulators of sitting at the entrance, going to the toilet, lying on the bed, brushing teeth, life in Russia and others.