Disney will change the rides in the parks because of charges of racism

11 months ago

American company The Walt Disney Company will change the theme of attractions in its amusement parks due to allegations of racism. This was reported in a statement on the company’s website.

It is clarified that the changes will affect two parks – Disney World Resort in Orlando (Florida) and Disneyland in Anaheim (California).

Company officials said racism allegations were related to Splash Mountain’s water attraction. The water slide is related to the theme of the 1946 film “Song of the South” by Wilfred Jackson. Now the company will redo the attraction in the style of the 2009 cartoon “Princess and the Frog”, the main character of which is a black princess named Tiana.

The petition, published on Change.org, said the ride on the attraction, which is located in parks in Florida, California, and Japan, is “imbued with extremely problematic and racist stereotypes” from a 1946 film. The authors of the appeal demanded a redesign, they managed to collect more than 20 thousand signatures.

Earlier, the American company Dreyer’s, a subsidiary of the Swiss Nestle, abandoned the name “Eskimo” due to discrimination of the Eskimos.

Prior to this, American Internet users were outraged by the refusal of the streaming service HBO Max to show the classic film “Gone with the Wind” because of controversial issues related to racial issues. They called it the beginning of “burning books and cultural cleansing of the left.”

On May 25, George Floyd was arrested near a grocery store. The police laid him on the asphalt, one of them pressed the detainee with his knee on his neck. Shortly after his arrest, the man died. After his death, dozens of US cities swept protests. In some cases, the protests were accompanied by riots, clashes with the police, robberies, looting and pogroms.

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