Disobedience Celebration: July 4 in the USA

The past Independence Day, celebrated in the United States on July 4, showed that Americans have no consensus on how to celebrate the holiday amid the outbreak of COVID-19. While President Donald Trump gave a speech on Mount Rushmore and received guests without masks in the White House, his daughter called on Americans to be careful and protect each other against a pandemic. Meanwhile, the beaches in San Diego were crowded with people, and in Florida, people even tried to distance themselves from picnics on picnics.

Independence Day July 4 was held this year in the United States amid a record increase in the incidence of COVID-19 – and in a controversial setting. While mass parades and fireworks were canceled across the country, citizens were buying pyrotechnics. In coastal states, in particular, Florida and California, beaches were closed to avoid crowding, but those that were open were crowded.

A family of the President of the United States sent an ambiguous message on security measures: Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka posted on Twitter on July 4 a call to be careful, wear masks and maintain social distance, but her father, meanwhile, made a speech on Mount Rushmore on July 3 with an impressive crowd of people , and on Independence Day in the White House a reception was held where those present did not wear masks.

On the morning of July 4, Ivanka Trump wrote on Twitter: “Please be careful and responsible on this holiday weekend. Celebrating this July 4th, follow local and state recommendations to protect your loved ones. Observe hygiene rules, social distance and wear masks close to other people. ”