Dispersal of civilians in Belarus 15 November. Photo and video

What happens on this video?

Roman Bondarenko – 31-year-old supporter of the Belarusian opposition died in Minsk ambulance hospital. He was brought to the hospital after midnight on 12 November with a head injury, brain swelling, bruises and abrasions. By morning doctors had told their relatives that Bondarenko’s condition was very serious and the chance to survive was one in a thousand. In the evening he died.

The day before Bondarenko was beaten by a “quiet man” – this is how people in Belarus are called dressed in civilian clothes and act with the support of law enforcement agencies. Roman Bondarenko lived in the so-called ‘Square of Changes’ – a yard on Cherviakov Street in the center of Minsk, hanging with red and white symbols. It is popular among opposition supporters.

In the evening of November 11, unknown people came to the “Square of Changes” who wanted to remove the red-and-white ribbons from the fence. Locals already know that they are not just ordinary citizens, because they hide their faces and act with the support of law enforcement agencies – they were in cars (“beads”) parked nearby.

Roman Bondarenko wrote in the local residents’ chat “The Square of Changes”: “I am going out” and went to the yard. At that time, another local resident was arguing with a masked man. Bondarenko intervened in the conversation.

“The masked man asked: “Why are you so greyhound?”. He pushed Roma closer to the mural, he tried to duck, but an unknown man grabbed him and threw him with all his might to the slide on the court. He hit his head hard,” a local resident, Yulia, told the Tut.by.

Another eyewitness to the events says that this man pushed Roman Bondarenko out of nowhere: ‘The novel went back a few steps by inertia. I turned away for just a second, and when I looked at my neighbor again, he was already lying on the ground.

“He was standing next to me. At some point, he said: “There is nothing to do here, it is time to stop talking and split up. And at the same second, after pushing me away, this man flew to him and started pushing him with the phrase “What are you doing here, a greyhound? He pushed back to the center of the square and hit the stairs,” says another woman who was on the square during the conflict.

Then two law enforcement officers took Bondarenko to their “beads” and took him away. All this happened around 22:00 local time. Two hours later he was brought to the hospital with brain swelling.

To the memorial Taraikovsky near the metro station “Pushkinskaya” in Minsk, a column of caravans and minibuses arrived. The law enforcers in black simply “walk” among people, dispersing those who stand in the company of more than two people, periodically pass point detentions.

Protests over dissatisfaction with the current government, election fraud, and excessive brutality take place in many Belarusian cities. Protests in support of Belarusian citizens have been held in almost 50 countries since August, when elections were rigged.

None of the European countries have recognized the elections in Belarus as free. There were not only international observers at the elections, but also independent ones.

The protest has been going on for more than three months, but the law enforcers are still suppressing it, despite the fact that the protests are absolutely peaceful.

The memorial to the deceased Roman Bondarenko was erected in the yard of one of the apartment buildings. People were bringing flowers and candles as a sign of sorrow.

The dispersal of peaceful protesters continues even now. Despite beatings, detentions, job losses and other pressure from the authorities on peaceful people, people continued to protest. Signalling cars showed their solidarity to the protesters.

I go out – shoot me
The same memorial to the victim of the regime’s repression

his morning, law enforcers and special services drove all protesters from the memorial and began destroying it.

Before that, arrests had been made throughout the Belarusian capital, and civilians had been hit with light-noise grenades and tear gas.

A huge number of people were detained and brought to the local police.

The material is taken from the well-known in Belarus news portal tut.by, and the same from the news portal meduza.io.