Disproved popular myth of prolonging life

11 months ago

Scientists at the Buck Institute for Aging Research (USA) have denied the popular myth that dieting is a universal way to extend health and life. An article by the authors of the work was published in the journal Current Biology.

Researchers analyzed the genome of 160 different lines of fruit flies; in total, 50 thousand insects were involved in the experiment. Although the restriction in the intake of calories into the body did, on average, increase life expectancy, only half of the lines showed a significant positive effect. Insects in 13 percent of the lines became more energetic and died earlier, 5 percent lived longer, but their health became weaker, and 32 percent had no noticeable changes.

According to scientists, the results show that food restriction does not work as previously thought. It is possible that some people will actually live longer on a diet, while others will sooner suffer from age-related diseases. It depends on the genetic background, which greatly affects the effect that various factors have. This applies not only to diets, but also to medicines. In order to determine in advance the effect of a factor on an organism, it is possible to determine specific biomarkers associated with a reaction to a specific intervention.

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