Divorce of Kim Kardashian became news of the pre-election America

The winter of 2020 threatens the United States with the longest post-election crisis in its history. CNN today tried to predict what the November “mail-order” election, Trump’s accusations of vote corruption and the literally slurred rhetoric of presidential candidates could lead to. The British The Guardian reproaches Trump for “sweating more and more when he lies” in interviews, and Biden for forgetting when he is interviewed. The third and so far the most controversial of the candidates for the Oval Office – rapper Kanye West, in the opinion of his relatives, is also unwell – instead of election promises, he filled up voters with tales in the spirit of “the rich also cry”.

Rapper Kanye West has done a lot for hip-hop and recently decided to make America happy with himself. In American politics, he considers himself the third force – having gathered in the White House, it seems like he went against everyone.

But the other day West, according to a series of tweets he wrote, realized that it was not the Democrats who he could take away the votes of blacks from, and not Trump, whose red cap he put away in his wardrobe – the enemies were hiding in his own family.

Kim Kardashian’s wife wants to take the musician out of a ranch in Wyoming for $ 14 million and hand him over to a mental hospital.

“Kim tried to fly to Wyoming with the doctor to lock me up like in the movie Get Out, because yesterday I cried over the words about saving my daughter,” the musician wrote.

The movie “Get Out,” which West mentioned, tells the story of a black guy meeting his white girlfriend’s parents for the first time. In their house, the hero learned about the terrible things that are done there with the guests.

According to West – relatives, by the way, believe that it is not worth listening to her, the musician has an exacerbation of bipolar personality disorder – his mother-in-law Kris Jenner is most to blame.

He then demanded from the mother of the probable first lady of the United States to urgently call back – he even posted a screenshot of an SMS – then he tried to threaten: “Chris, do not play with me, you and your boyfriend are forbidden to communicate with my children. They are all trying to lock me up.”

They say West got angry at his mother-in-law after she demanded that he go into a two-week coronavirus quarantine after his first campaign rally in South Carolina.

For Kim Kardashian, the performance itself was the last straw. Or family, or presidential ambitions – she put the question bluntly. After all, West, for the sake of a catchphrase in front of the audience, did not spare either his wife or their eldest daughter North.

“My wife told me that she was pregnant. For three months we discussed that we would not have a child. She had pills. But then I called her and said: we will have a child! Now, even if my wife divorces me, after this speech will not change the fact that we have a child, “he said.

All of these online chronicles of a communal kitchen in Beverly Hills West eventually deleted. There is only a list of songs from his new album “Donda”, which will be released on Friday, which could not but lead some to seditious thoughts.

“Is it just me or is Kanye West having a nervous breakdown just before his new albums are released? I don’t think it’s a coincidence.”

But there were also many sympathizers. Some, like the comedian Sara Colonna, felt that there was nothing funny about what was happening with West. On the contrary, you need to provide him with qualified medical assistance as soon as possible.

Others, like his friend Elon Musk, are sure that there are no problems. The flight is normal: “We spoke about an hour ago. He seems to be fine.”

By the way, West sees Musk in his administration as the head of the space program. But he offered the post of vice president to another rapper – Jay-Z’s sworn friend. I asked to be included in the ballots.

Brother – so Kanye calls him – he replaced the preacher from Wyoming Michelle Tybdal, who understood and forgave. But will West’s presidential campaign turn this complex mix into hits?

“I think no matter what he does, it’s too late, he doesn’t have the necessary votes to participate in the presidential race. I don’t know how he will be able to get them now. In parallel, he is going to release a new album, maybe this behavior is connected with this. In general, he risks a lot by making such statements to the public, what will happen to his advertising contracts, it is not known how this will affect his reputation, “says the woman.

Ordinary voters are even more categorical. Say, and without West have already heard and seen enough.

“I think this is madness, just madness. Everything is bad in our country, add West to this and we are dead!” – says the man.

As a presidential candidate, the rapper has registered so far only in one state – in Oklahoma, where it is enough to fill out the documents and pay 35 thousand dollars.

But in South Carolina, where he said so much too much, West was late. Until Monday afternoon, I did not submit the required 10,000 signatures. For someone with 30 million Twitter followers, this somehow turned out to be a daunting task.

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