Do people blind from birth see dreams

About a third of his life a person spends on sleep. And almost all people dream when they sleep. An exception are people with mental illness. They, as a rule, do not attend dreams. It is also scientifically proven that dreams visit our four-legged friends – dogs, cats and many other mammals.

Dreams allow the brain to rest and recover. There are two main periods of sleep – fast sleep and slow sleep. REM sleep is 20 percent of all sleep time, and slow sleep is 80 percent.

About every hour and a half in a dream, people see dreams. But remember no more than 10 percent of them. This is due to the fact that people remember only those dreams that they had in the first phase.

And if the ordinary person, as a rule, comes in dreams the images that he had previously seen, then what is blind people in dreams and is there at all?

Sleep of feelings
Of course, dreams also visit them, only the dreams of such people are completely unlike the dreams of a sighted person. Blind people also have dreams during the first phase, and dreams are just as complete, only without the appearance of visual images.

People who have been blind since birth have never seen the world around them, objects and things, however, they know their meanings. And also can touch them to the touch. Thus, various images associated with the senses come to blind people in dreams. In other words, blind people feel their dreams.

Sleep blind from birth
Scientists from America conducted an experiment in which blind children participated. During the experiment, it was possible to find out that most children see dreams in the form of sound images.

One of the girls said that she had a dream in which she was among a flock of buffalo. In a dream, she heard the roar of animals and the clatter of their hooves. And another said that in her dream, mom crumbled into pieces, she heard a crunch of bones.

Also, a blind person in his dreams can observe various places where he has been. But again, dreams will consist of sensations of movement, the sound of working devices, the ticking of clocks, the noise from the operation of cars, the birds singing or the purring of a cat, the noise of the surf and the sensation of a sea breeze.

Different blindness
It is known that only every seventh blind person is absolutely blind. The rest retain the ability to see silhouettes, outlines of objects and light spots. Accordingly, in their dreams, such people will see these phenomena.

People who have lost their sight as adults are able to see dreams in their usual form for some time. In dreams, they will see what they had previously met in life and managed to remember.

And the main difference will be that for a sighted person, a dream is a reflection of reality, and for someone who has lost their eyesight, the opportunity to once again see the world as he managed to remember it before. The dreams of such people are more emotional, and allow you to experience sensations inaccessible to others.

However, over time, visual images will be erased from memory, lose their brightness and will be replaced by sensations, smells and sounds.

An experiment conducted by Danish scientists showed that gradually a person who has lost their vision begins to see dreams identical to the dreams of blind people from birth. It is also known that if a child is blind before 5 years old, then his dreams will not contain visual pictures, since his ability to visualize did not have time to form.