Doctors have explained why you can’t run in masks

11 months ago

According to SUN, the runner was hospitalized in China after a 2.5-mile masked run. He underwent urgent surgery due to the development of a potentially life-threatening condition.

Doctors encourage people not to wear face masks while running, as mouth and nose coverage can make breathing difficult. Wuhani Central Hospital reported that a 26-year-old man was forced to interrupt his run last Thursday after having trouble breathing and chest pains. His relatives urgently took him to the hospital. During the examination, the doctors found that the man’s left lung had shrunk by 90% and his heart had moved closer to the right side of his body.

After the operation, the patient is in a stable condition. Pulmonary collapse (contraction), known as pneumothorax, occurs when air enters the space between the outside of the lung and the inside of the chest wall. If air continues to enter this space, the second lung and heart may begin to contract. Health services believe that the male lung collapsed because he wore a mask while running. Chen Baojun, Director of Thoracic Surgery at the Wuhan Establishment, said that this man had already been exposed to spontaneous pneumothorax because of his constitution, because he is tall and thin. “Standard facial coverings (as opposed to PPE used by health workers) do not protect you from the virus,” said British physician Sarah Jarvis. – The vast majority of the air you breathe in goes to the sides, and the protective coverings don’t filter out the virus. The reason they were recommended is because they can reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to other people with whom you are in close contact if you are infected but don’t have symptoms yet. Obviously, if you have symptoms, you should isolate them at home. Facial coverings are definitely not recommended while running. You are not in close contact with others, and if you put the cover on your mouth and nose, it can make it difficult to breathe while you are exercising. Despite that, Jarvis added: “There’s no clear evidence that wearing a mask is bound to cause a lung collapse, but it can help.

According to the New York Post, two schoolchildren in China died while running, wearing masks in physical education class. Their death certificate lists the cause of sudden cardiac arrest, but no autopsy was conducted.

The father of one of the boys said he believed that the mask his son should have worn at school played a role in his death. “I suspect that’s because he was wearing the mask,” he said. – He was uncomfortable wearing it while running”. But Cao Lanxu, a professor at Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine, said it was unlikely that the mask made the boy suffocate. “I don’t think wearing the mask caused this sudden death,” Cao said, although she added that it is impossible to check without an autopsy. Although it is unknown whether the masks played a role in the deaths of schoolchildren, several schools in Tianjin and Shanghai have cancelled their physical education exams.

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