Doctors: three vitamins are needed to prevent premature aging

To prevent premature aging, a human diet should contain three types of vitamins.

Three vitamins are especially important for the skin – A, E and C. Vitamin A or retinol is responsible for cell regeneration. Thanks to it, new layers are regenerated and pigmentation is inhibited. Deficiency of this vitamin immediately affects the face.

“It’s accelerated aging of a finely wrinkled type, unpleasant pigment spots, dryness, earthy tint, various rashes and, in general, premature, not corresponding to age fading of the skin,” – noted doctors.

Vitamin E restores skin damage, as well as regulates the water and fat balance of the skin, normalizing the sebaceous glands. It also activates the mechanisms of skin protection against ultraviolet and neutralizes the harmful elements – free radicals.

“Vitamin C is able to bind them – and today it is the surest way to fight against aging,” noted the doctors.

However, it can only be obtained externally by injection. Therefore, the optimal strategy will be to “smear A and E”, and vitamin C – puncture.

Doctors also specified that you should not prescribe vitamins yourself – it is better to drink them under the supervision of a doctor.

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