Doctors who have had coronavirus in Wuhan have no immunity from Covid-19, a study

11 months ago

American and Chinese scientists took tests from doctors who struggled with coronavirus in Wuhan and concluded that a person may not develop long-term antibodies to COVID-19. This is written by SCMP

The study is published in the medRxiv database, where preprints are published (articles that have not yet been reviewed).

This conclusion was made by scientists from Wuhan and Tekhskha universities, analyzing the situation with antibodies from doctors who fought with COVID-19 in Wuhan. According to the researchers, at least a quarter of 23 thousand people could have been infected with coronavirus, but only 4% developed antibodies by April.

“It is unlikely that a person can develop long-term antibodies to the virus,” the researchers say about this.

The team of scientists also suggests that more than 10% of the people who participated in their study within a month could completely lose antibodies to coronavirus.

Based on the results of their research, scientists suggest that tests for antibodies to coronavirus cannot be a guarantee that a person has actually had COVID-19.

“And the idea of ​​immune certificates, for those people who have had COVID-19, is unacceptable,” writes Won Xinhua, the head of the team of scientists.

And another study conducted by scientists from Beijing, showed that an excess of antibodies to coronavirus can even lead to death. According to them, such a result may be a consequence of the so-called. antibody-dependent increase in infection.

At the same time, Wu Yinson, who studies antibodies at a university in Guangzhou, notes that the results of a study by his colleagues from Wuhan should be treated with caution.

According to him, most antibody tests, in order to save time and money, find only a few antibodies, which may imply unreliable results of the entire test.

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