Dodgers News: In Postseason Roster Tony Gonsolin ‘Open To Any Role’

Dodgers pitching Tony Gonsolin was the ace of the team during most time He was leading his team in the National League in ERA when his injury caused him to suffer an injury to his forearms in the middle of August. The goal was that Gonsolin could miss the minimum time required being on injured reserve, and then return in time to join the Los Angeles rotation in time to play in the postseason.

In the article J.P. Hoornstra writes in the Orange County Register, though the window for Gonsolin to become an October opener is mostly shut and L.A. manager Dave Roberts has switched his focus to different assignments for Gonsolin.

“He’s open to whatever,” Roberts stated. …

“At some moment, you’re given a chance and must do what you can to deal with it. The present situation is not the best. But, can you get it to work? Absolutely.”

Gonsolin is 16-1, with an 2.10 ERA in 23 starts this season, making an enormous step in his journey to “promising prospect” to “budding ace.” A stretched-out Gonsolin could have been paired alongside Julio Urias, Clayton Kershaw as well as Tyler Anderson to be a powerful postseason rotation. Urias, Kershaw, and Anderson are all still on track to make a big effect in November, however the role of Gonsolin will likely be in the same spot as Andrew Heaney and Dustin May Two other pitchers who have, due to one reason or the other, won’t be expected or rely on to pitch six innings during a postseason game.

However it’s true that with Gonsolin it’s more of an issue of stretching out rather than one of efficiency, so there’s no reason to believe there’s no way he could be someone who can throw up to four or three really great innings. This makes him a perfect potential candidate for a piggyback position or a similar one and that’s probably the scenario Roberts refers to in his remarks.

There are still a lot of questions about the nature of L.A.’s postseason pitching team will be like however, if they manage to be able to get Gonsolin back into a position in which he’s able to contribute on an individual level, it’s an important step towards what could be a very good team.

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