Does Ilon Musk Mars Colonize

History of Mars exploration.
Since 1877, research began on the possibility of life on Mars. It all began the Italian astronomer Schiaparelli, who suggested the existence of vegetation on the planet. The first scientific attempts to prove the existence of life on Mars failed, but no one gave up.

A century later, in 1971, the first landing on the surface of Mars and an attempt to transmit images from there were made. In the same year, the first photographs of the surface were taken and a soil sample was taken.

Significant progress in the study was achieved only a few years ago thanks to rovers. Currently, there are several interplanetary automatic stations and a third-generation rover on the Red Planet, whose task is to detect traces of biological activity.

Idea Ilona Mask
The famous American businessman Ilon Musk decided to independently explore the possibility of life on Mars. The billionaire traveled most of the world to find something that would help him fly to Mars and fulfill his mission in the near future. The idea of ​​Elon Musk was to send two rockets with plants to the Red Planet and show humanity that life on Mars is possible.

Russian cosmonautics is developing rapidly and it is not surprising that Russia was able to help Ilon Mask. The businessman’s decision to acquire two ballistic missiles without a nuclear charge pleased him, as well as officials. The lack of agreement on the price of missiles contributed to the fact that Ilon returned home without missiles.

However, Elon Musk did not stop, studied literature on rocket science and founded the company SpaceX, known throughout the world. The company’s goal is the production of cheaper, but no less high-quality spacecraft that can fly to Mars.

The company’s path was developing gloomily, the company could be closed after three unsuccessful launches of test missiles. But the fourth launch was successful, after which everyone found out about the company, even NASA began to actively help.