Robotic dog from Boston Dynamics learns to shepherd sheep in New Zealand: video

11 months ago

The robot dog Spot, developed by the American company Boston Dynamics, continues to learn new skills. This time he’s learning how to herd sheep in New Zealand

An entertaining video with the robot was shot by New Zealand company Rocos, a developer of robot software that works with Boston Dynamics.

The footage shows Spot doing agricultural work: checking crops and grazing sheep on slopes in New Zealand. With this robot, a farmer can, for example, remotely control the herd and check the maturity of the crop.

As part of a partnership with Boston Dynamics, Rocos intends to develop a software platform that will allow remote control of the robotic arm Spot, including in agriculture, informs Engadget.

Rocos believes that, in addition to sheep grazing, the robot can harvest or check crops and create maps in real time. This will help reduce the burden on workers in the agricultural sector.

The developers believe that now that the robot is more agile, can easily move around in rough terrain, carry infrared and LiDAR cameras, all these plans can be implemented.

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