Donald Trump can play himself in a movie. EXCLUSIVE

Donald Trump can play himself in a movie. EXCLUSIVE

The 45th U.S. President Donald Trump could play himself in a movie in the future. This view was expressed by Vladimir Vasilyev, chief researcher at the Institute of the United States and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, on MIR 24 TV channel. According to him, Donald Trump can go the way of Ronald Reagan.

“We know well from history that former actor Ronald Reagan left big politics in 1989, but did a show, episodically starred in a movie where he played himself. I don’t rule out Donald Trump following that path. Maybe after a while, when the dust of discontent, hatred and rejection of Trump settles in America, as it often happens – from disgraced politicians people can turn into specific heroes – we will see Donald Trump himself in the role of President Trump,” the expert said.

Vladimir Vasilyev called the 45th president of the United States a man with humor who has an understanding of reality. At the same time, a kind of show, according to him, is the former leader’s statement that he does not intend to give his successor Biden a nuclear suitcase.

“It’s also a kind of show – to mock his opponents a little bit, to show that their fears and concerns about his aggressiveness are just not true, that it’s a caricatured view, a misconception of him as president. This explains the slightly parodic episode, as if from a show that Trump can participate in as a former president,” Vasilyev added.

He said that since 2016, Donald Trump’s opponents have constantly accused him of being unreliable, which is not to trust the leader of the country with a nuclear suitcase and a nuclear button, lest he start a nuclear war. At the same time, in his farewell speech Trump himself especially noted that he had not unleashed a single war during his four years as president.