Donald Trump has coronavirus: the president is given steroids due to falling oxygen levels

Details of how US President Donald Trump, who was diagnosed with coronavirus two days ago, is being treated, became known on Sunday. President’s attending physician Sean Conley said Trump was prescribed the steroid dexamethasone. It is usually given to patients with severe symptoms so that they do not have difficulty breathing.

Dexamethasone was prescribed to the president due to the fact that his blood oxygen level dropped twice in recent days.

Dr. Conley said he recommended Trump take supplemental oxygen. When asked why this recommendation was only given today, he said: “I wanted to match the general spirit of optimism in the team. The fact is, he is doing just as well.”

At the same time, according to Conley, the president is planned to be discharged from the hospital on Monday, and Trump intends to continue the course of treatment at the White House.

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, were tested again for the virus on Sunday – they are still not infected, the White House said.

Pence did not stop the election campaign. If Donald Trump’s health deteriorates so much that he cannot work, then the powers of the president will pass to Pence.

The main thing about Trump’s disease

On Saturday, Trump’s doctor said he was “cautiously optimistic” about the president’s fortune. According to him, it is not yet possible to say that the patient is out of danger.

  • The announcement follows conflicting reports from the hospital and the White House, which have led to confusion over the dates of Trump’s illness.
  • Trump’s doctor’s words contradict what Chief of Staff Mark Madouz said earlier Saturday. According to him, Trump’s condition over the past 24 hours “caused great concern” and the next 48 hours will be decisive.
  • On Sunday, Trump himself recorded a video message in which he said that he was feeling much better.

“The end of the pandemic is already in sight”

Tara McKelvey

BBC White House Correspondent

For many months, Donald Trump and his entourage almost never wore masks and often gave the impression that there was no pandemic. Then the president was diagnosed and the world of Trump supporters changed.

Uncertainty in the White House began early Friday morning after the president announced on Twitter that he was ill.

Presidential aides and White House staff struggled to maintain a sense of normalcy, but the general atmosphere was tilting towards something very chaotic. There was anxiety, screams and a few tears.

The president has long managed to exude optimism about the US health care crisis – as if he could defeat the pandemic in this way. More than 200,000 people diagnosed with coronavirus have died in the United States, but more recently Trump said that “the pandemic is being taken under control.”

In a pre-recorded message for Thursday’s charity event, Trump said “the end of the pandemic is already in sight.” In presidential debates earlier this week, he scoffed at his Democrat rival Joe Biden for wearing a mask all the time.

The president’s statements and the way he talked about the virus annoy many Americans. However, all this is very suitable for his supporters, conservative and mostly white men and women – those who are unhappy with the democratic elites in Washington and other cities.

The negligence in statements about the virus over the past few months has been further highlighted by its aides and advisors. They often seemed to exist in a pre-coronavirus world. Few wore masks in the West Wing office, and no one kept their distance during lunch. They invited hundreds of guests to the White House lawn during events.

The presidential administration relied on instant Covid-19 tests for everyone who came into contact with the president. However, experts have already expressed doubts about the reliability of the quick tests, suggesting that they gave officials a false sense of security.

Now the president is sick and his aides are trying to cope with the reality of the virus that is spreading around them and invading their offices.

I know how much the president’s messages resonate with his supporters and how much they admire the way he deals with the health crisis (“Without him, millions more would die,” one of his supporters told me).

However, outside the hospital’s emergency room, one could see how the world the president described – a world of health and prosperity, with Trump as creator – was threatened.

Prayers and meetings

Donald Trump supporters on Saturday evening gathered with posters and flowers at the walls of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where the US president is being treated.

Similar support actions were held throughout the country.

Trump’s illness has made changes to his campaign schedule. The U.S. presidential election, in which Trump hopes to be re-elected for a second term, will be held on November 3.

His supporters, gathered outside the hospital, are praying for the health of the President of the United States.

A group of Trump opponents also tried to carry out their action.

The day before, on Saturday, Republicans across the country took to the streets with words of support for the president. In California, an entire For Trump convoy was organized.

In other states, for example, in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, the owners of boats arranged a kind of column.

The support action took place in one of the New York districts – Staten Island. But people gathered there even before Donald Trump’s illness was announced.