Done one and couldn’t stop: British woman tattooed almost her entire body

Done one and couldn't stop: British woman tattooed almost her entire body

A mother-of-two from Bolton, Britain, has spent thousands of pounds decorating herself with tattoos over 20 years. She reckons she spent about 200 hours in a tattoo parlor.

Alex Derbyshire is 38 years old and has loved tattoos since she was a child, and as soon as she turned 18 she started decorating herself. Her entire body is covered in tattoos from head to toe, including her armpits, and by age 40 she intends to tattoo herself completely.

“I’ve always loved tattoos. I’ve been dying to know how those who get tattoos feel. I have no idea how much I spent in total – must have been several thousand pounds over two decades, during which I averaged one to two big tattoos a year,” Alex shared with the Manchester Evening News.

Her first tattoo was a Celtic pattern on her lower back. In later years, she added 16 more small tattoos all over her body – all of which can be covered up with clothing. But when Alex, who works as a hairdresser, turned 30, she decided she no longer cared what others thought. She began getting tattoos on her toes and armpits, including blacked-out backgrounds that cover her neck, back and arms. Alex admitted that she has often been called stupid and crazy for spending money on tattoos.

“It doesn’t bother me. For me, tattoos are a hobby and an art form, so why wouldn’t I flaunt them?” – The mother of two is perplexed.

On social media, Alex has found fellow hobbyists and even her own fans and followers. By December 2022, when she will be 40 years old, the British woman intends to complete the projects that are still in the plans for tattoo drawings. She has several drawings dedicated to Pink Floyd, her favorite band, one of which is under her left armpit, there are Johnny Cash verses on her leg, a skull and butterfly on her neck and chest and a portrait of Sweeney Todd (a homage to her work as a hairdresser).