Dozens die in wedding shooting

Dozens die in wedding shooting

Dozens of people died as a result of bombing at a wedding in African Mali. This was reported by the publication A Bamako.

According to its sources, at least 20 civilians died as a result of the air strike.

The airstrikes were carried out on the night of January 4 by an unidentified aircraft. The tragedy took place in central Mali near the town of Duenza. The newspaper notes that the bombing was aimed at participants of a wedding ceremony.

It could have been caused by an error on the part of the pilots. There are combat aviation units in Mali, as well as UN peacekeepers (MINUSMA) and French militaries engaged in the “Operation Barkhan”.

The situation in Mali has been unstable since 2012. Then Tuareg rebels and several Islamist groups seized the north of the country, creating the self-proclaimed Independent State of Azawad. In 2013, France deployed troops to Mali, bringing the territory back under the control of the central authorities of the African republic. Since then, Islamists have used ethnic confrontations to recruit fighters.

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