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Dubai police have detained girls who posed naked on the balcony

The Dubai Police detained girls who posed nude on the balcony of the Dubai Marina Hotel in the city center.

The ladies had arranged a photo shoot on the open balcony, but did not take into account that they were watched by a pair of peeping eyes and a camera lens from a nearby high-rise. All this “obscenity” was filmed and sent to social networks. The reaction of the conservative public was not long in coming – the police came immediately after the girls. The authorities wrote on Twitter that “such inappropriate behavior doesn’t reflect the values and ethics of Emirati society.

Now excitic girls will face a fine of five thousand dirhams (more than 100 thousand rubles) and imprisonment of up to six months. Materials of the case have already been transferred to the local prosecutor’s office for further proceedings.

Of the 40 girls detained by Dubai police eight are from Russia, our source said.

According to our information, the organizer of the photo shoot in “nude” style on the balcony of a skyscraper is also a Russian Alexei Kontsov. All of the detainees are accused of distributing pornography.

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