During a spacewalk, the astronaut lost a mirror

Astronaut Chris Cassidy lost a mirror during spacewalk for repairs on the ISS. Part of the NASA astronaut’s spacesuit came off and sailed into space.

One of cosmonaut was performing routine maintenance on the International Space Station. Chris Cassidy accidentally added his own fragment to space debris already floating around our planet. He exchanged a large battery pack weighing 427 lb. on the outside of the International Space Station. During the work, a small mirror attached to his spacesuit broke off and floated into space.

Such mirrors are attached to the wrist to help astronauts see the electrical components on the spacesuit and any blind spots that may occur. Mirrors measure 7 by 12 centimeters and weigh one 50 grams.

In general, Cassidy and his colleague Robert Benken completed all the planned work in their first joint space flight – they replaced the batteries at the ISS solar station. The spacewalk lasted 6 hours 7 minutes. They are again about to leave the station on Wednesday, July 1.