Durov threatens to sue Facebook

11 months ago

The founder of the Telegram messenger and the VKontakte social network, Pavel Durov, accused Facebook and its Instagram of distributing fraudulent ads on its behalf.

According to him, the corporation “has been making money for more than a year” by advertising schemes that fraudulently deceive people from money. The victims of such announcements were including older people and pensioners, added Durov.

The businessman noted that the last such announcement on social networks appeared today, however, “messages about fraudulent activities authorized by Facebook,” began to be posted a year ago.

Durov referred to an article in Izvestia on June 17, in which a 65-year-old Russian woman spoke about advertising “a unique trading platform for retirees, which was developed by the Durov brothers.” The fraudsters who posted the advertisement tricked the woman into taking a loan of almost 200 thousand rubles.

He emphasized that the company continued to promote these schemes, despite numerous complaints and outrage from users. Durov called this situation unacceptable.

“Judging by the speed with which the team of Russian-speaking moderators of Facebook carries out political censorship, the company should have enough resources to evaluate advertisements,” said Durov.

As the entrepreneur wrote, it is in the interests of Facebook to show a responsible attitude to its advertising platform before the end of the week. He also expressed hope that the corporation will compensate for the victims of fraudsters.

Durov urged users of social networks to keep fraudulent advertising posts on his behalf on Facebook and Instagram.

“This evidence can be claimed in the framework of possible litigation,” he wrote.

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