Durov urged to prevent Apple and Google from “collecting tax from humanity”

Durov urged to prevent Apple and Google from "collecting tax from humanity"

“Apple users should be able to download and install applications from alternative stores, and not only through the official AppStore,” said Pavel Durov, founder of the Telegram messenger.

According to the founder of Telegrаm, it is necessary to legally oblige Apple to enable users to install applications not only through the AppStore, users should have the right to freely run applications on their smartphones – just like they can install any programs on their computers today.

“For many startups, such a change will have a more positive effect than any tax breaks. If this does not happen, Apple’s capitalization, which has already exceeded $ 1.5 trillion, will continue to grow, while country developers will continue to sell their low-margin startups for small ones for the giants of Silicon valleys of the sum, “Durov warned.

In addition, he criticized Google, which also charges a fee for the ability to sell software through the Play Store, but noted that Google still provides a limited opportunity to run applications without a store.

“Preventing two supranational corporations from collecting taxes from all of humanity is not an easy task. At the service of corporations there are thousands of lobbyists, lawyers and PR agents. Their budgets are unlimited. At the same time, application developers are scattered and scared, as the fate of their projects depends entirely from the favor of Apple and Google. But we believe that the time for fear has passed. Now we need to start talking directly and openly about the perniciousness of the current situation – pernicious for billions of users, for hundreds of thousands of developers, for national economies, for global progress, “concluded the founder messenger Telegram.