Dutch police use water cannons to disperse protesters

Dutch police use water cannons to disperse protesters

Dutch police used force to disperse protesters against restrictive measures to combat the coronavirus.

Thus, the police used water cannons and batons in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, where demonstrators began to throw firecrackers at them. In Eindhoven, law enforcers used tear gas. The riots in the cities are being suppressed with the help of mounted units.

According to Telegram channel Pool N3, anti-lockdown protesters in Eindhoven overturned and burned a police car. Demonstrators also smashed the windows of the city train station, took money from the ticket office and robbed several stores.

Earlier in the Netherlands extended until Feb. 9 an almost total lockdown imposed by the authorities in mid-December. Almost all stores, restaurants and cafes, museums and theaters, parks and gyms are closed in the country, all educational institutions work remotely. On the eve of a curfew from 21:00 to 04:30, the police had already issued over three thousand fines for its violation.

Increased restrictive measures have been introduced in many countries of the European Union and Eurozone since the end of last year. They are in force in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Austria, and will last at least until the end of January. Their introduction was a consequence of an increase in the number of cases in late fall and early winter.