Early access to COVID-19 vaccination by White House staff To the general public

Early access to COVID-19 vaccination by White House staff To the general public

According to a White House official and similar person, senior White House officials are expected to receive some of the first COVID-19 vaccines in America. CNN reported that the vaccines, which could start later this week, will be available for a limited time and will only be available to health workers working in high-risk areas.

The New York Times first reported on the COVID-19 vaccination at the White House. The rest of the Trump administration will also get vaccinated later. However, the president has said that White House staff should be vaccinated somewhat later, if not necessary.

According to the official administration, health workers will soon start receiving the vaccine at the NIH. Doctors and nurses in the intensive care unit of the NIH Clinical Centre will be given priority to receive the vaccine first. Other senior officials, such as Dr Anthony Fauci, are on the list to receive the vaccine after staff rank higher on the priority list.

Promising interim results from clinical trials of the NIH-Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

National Security Council spokesman John Ulliot said that senior officials in all three branches of government will receive the vaccine in accordance with the official protocol outlined in the executive’s policy. Moreover, all citizens should be assured that they will receive the same safe and effective vaccines as high-level US government officials, on the advice of medical professionals and national security leadership.

Several outbreaks of the coronavirus have spread to the White House and President Donald Trump himself has become infected with the coronavirus. The president and other White House staff regularly spoke out against the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to wear face masks and practice social distancing during pandemics.

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