Earth dwellers were promised a “solar corona” during the eclipse

Earth dwellers were promised a "solar corona" during the eclipse

Residents of the Earth were promised a “solar corona” during the total eclipse of the Sun, which is expected on Monday, December 14.

The maximum phase of the solar eclipse is expected at 19:13 Moscow time. For about two minutes, residents of the planet will be able to see a fiery ring or “solar corona” around the moon, which will completely cover the solar disk.

“During a total eclipse, a ‘solar corona’ resembling a ring of fire can be seen, as well as stars and planets close to the Sun,” the planetarium clarified.

Astronomers also added that no phase of the solar eclipse will be visible from Russia. However, the Moscow Planetarium will hold an online broadcast, which will be commented by a senior researcher of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Ugolnikov. Anyone will be able to join in at 5:25 p.m. Moscow time on the planetarium’s YouTube channel and social media pages.

Residents of Chile and Argentina will be able to watch the phenomenon live. Also residents of some other regions, including the eclipse will be visible in Polynesia, Antarctica and Africa will be able to follow the event.