Earth will be covered by a powerful magnetic storm of level G2

Earth will be covered by a powerful magnetic storm of level G2

Magnetic storm level G2 will cover the Earth in the coming days.

Soon we will have a storm that will last for two days. But these geomagnetic fluctuations will not be the last in December 2020.

Astrophysicists called the new dates of December magnetic storms, and doctors gave advice on how to avoid serious consequences from them.

When to expect the most powerful magnetic storm of December.

Thus, according to the Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun FIAN, a strong blow level G2 is expected on Thursday, December 10. The next day also predicts a magnetic storm, but its strength is already down to G1.

Another magnetic storm will take place on December 19. The 18th of the magnetosphere will be excited. Oscillations are also predicted on December 24, but they will be less intense.

Interestingly, scientists predict that magnetic storms will intensify in the near future. The fact is that the Sun has entered the “25th cycle”, due to which its activity began to grow. The star will reach its peak already in 2025.

Who needs to be afraid of magnetic storms

Geomagnetic storms are most strongly felt by weather-sensitive people. Health problems may also occur in elderly people, those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, hypotonics, hypertension.

These categories should be especially attentive to their health during these days. It may be “jumping pressure, knocking down the heart rhythm, or a headache.

Doctors say that even healthy people in the days of a strong geomagnetic storm may feel unwellness – fatigue, irritability, headaches.

If you are in a risk group, you should carefully monitor your condition, or it is better to consult with a doctor in advance. In any case, it is better to keep the necessary medicines with you.

For people with weak nervous system, doctors recommend taking prescribed sedatives, so as not to be subjected to panic attacks. At the same time, do not look for anxious symptoms, if something hurts.

It is important to keep the sleep mode – 7-8 hours, eat properly and maintain moderate physical activity.

These days, it is better to abstain from alcohol and smoking, and drink less coffee and other invigorating drinks.

Try to spend more time in the fresh air, walking. This trains not only the body, but also soothes the nervous system.