Eat bread and pasta – they prolong the life

Eating bread and pasta is good for our health, new research shows.

Analysis confirmed that protein intake from plant-based foods such as pasta and bread is associated with a lower risk of premature death. Researchers studied data from 416,104 men and women over 16 years. On average, participants received 15% of their energy from protein, of which 40% from plant sources, 60% from animals.

It turned out that the consumption of plant protein was associated with a lower likelihood of death in general and from cardiovascular disease. This is especially noticeable if meat and eggs are substituted with bread, cereals and pasta.

In particular, replacing eggs with vegetable proteins reduces the risk of death by an average of 20-24%, meat – by 12-15%. At the same time, the analysis took into account such factors as smoking, ecology, socio-economic status and others.

The results are published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal.