Edward’s tropical storm forms in the Atlantic and could be a record

After a two-week lull in the Atlantic hurricane season, the tropics are heating up again. A new storm is forming over the ocean, which has already received a name – Edward.

Tropical depression formed in the Atlantic late Saturday morning. On Sunday, a storm passed near Bermuda, bringing rain and gusty wind to the region. According to the official forecast, in the next 12-24 hours, depression can turn into a tropical storm, and this storm may become the first in category 5 of this year, says Phil Klotzbach, a researcher at the University of Colorado.

The record for the earliest formation of a hurricane of the fifth category is Emily – July 12, 2005. Edward can break this record.

This is not the only system in the Atlantic basin that could turn into a tropical storm this week. There is an extensive low-pressure area, located off the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico, which provides natural rainfall and thunderstorms throughout the region. The National Hurricane Center provides a 30% chance of a system developing into a full-fledged storm within 5 days.