Egypt, Jordan and Iraq – a new alliance in the Middle East

In the Middle East, against the backdrop of recent transformations on both the regional and international levels, alliance and partnership relations are also being reshaped. One of the most important processes in this context is the rapprochement between Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.

Thus, at the end of June, the leaders of the three countries met in Baghdad and declared their readiness to further develop their relations.

Egypt, Jordan and Iraq - a new alliance in the Middle East

In particular, Cairo wants to implement new initiatives in foreign policy in order to overcome vulnerabilities in domestic politics and economy. To this end, the Egyptian authorities seek partnership and cooperation with many countries, including the normalization of relations with Turkey.

The expansion of diplomatic contacts and dialogue between the three countries may also have a positive impact on the implementation of the oil pipeline project between Basra and Aqaba, which has been actively pursued in recent days.

The oil pipeline was originally planned to be built between Iraq and Jordan, but the project could not be implemented due to security problems.

The issue of expanding the project with the possibility of Egyptian participation in it was put on the agenda on the eve of a trilateral meeting in Baghdad.

Experts see the project as a potential source of oil for Egypt. We can say that through the project Egypt plans not only political rapprochement, but also the creation of a new source of oil supplies.