Egypt made the largest order for Russian fighters in history

There was information that Egypt made the largest order from Russia for the purchase of a Su-35 fighter in the amount of 35 aircraft.
The number, although significant, but at first glance is not very large. Egyptian Air Force have quite outdated fighters, which is high time to replace. However, these 35 fighters are enough to replace all Egyptian aircraft manufactured by the USSR with them.

Moreover, this acquisition cost the Arabs 112 million dollars per unit, therefore, the whole deal cost them 3 billion of the same green.

Having learned about this deal, the States immediately began to threaten the Egyptians in every possible way, of course we are talking about sanctions and some economic measures. True, Egypt decided not to pay attention to the attempts of manipulation by the United States. As a result, Egypt acquired about 26 fighters. In total, taking into account past deliveries, Egypt will have 35 of our birds.

Yes, due to US pressure, Egypt had to slightly reduce its appetite, but they refused only 9 fighters, which in principle does not play such a big role. In addition, despite the reduction in supplies, Egypt still made the largest order for Russian fighters in history. In the future, this deal should strengthen Russian-Egyptian relations, probably Cairo can now count on support from the Russian Federation not only in the military sector.

Why did Egypt choose Su-35 fighters rather than American F-35s? I think it’s no secret to anyone that the F-35 has a huge number of disadvantages due to defective parts. For the same reason, the States refused to export their latest technology.

I believe that the Egyptians did the right thing. And the thing is not even that they purchased the aircraft from us. According to many military experts, it is the Su-35 that is one of the best fighters.
For the most part, Egypt will be in second place in terms of the number of aircraft in service. Thus, due to the fact that Egypt made the largest order for Russian fighters in history, the air forces of this Arab Republic will become stronger and more able to withstand the enemy, while increasing their weight in the international political arena.