Egyptian doctors saved the life of a man who accidentally swallowed a caught fish

Egyptian doctors rescued a man who, while fishing, accidentally swallowed a live mullet he caught.

The incident took place in the city of Beni Suef. A patient with shortness of breath and difficulty speaking was taken to the emergency room of a local hospital. Doctors examined the man and found out that a rather large fish was stuck in his throat. She was at the entrance to the trachea, because of this, the Egyptian could suffocate.

On an emergency basis, the patient underwent endoscopic surgery. Experts managed to extract the fish that were still alive. Otorhinolaryngologist Ali Al-Hajri, who performed the operation, said that if the man had been brought in a few minutes later, they would not have been able to help him.

After the 40-year-old patient regained consciousness, he told what had happened to him. According to the fisherman, he came to the river and installed several fishing rods at once. Almost immediately he caught a small fish, but when he began to remove the catch from the hook, he noticed that he was biting on another fishing rod. Trying not to let the prey slip away, the would-be fisherman put the first fish in his mouth to free his hands. A live slippery mullet managed to free itself and “dive” into the Egyptian’s throat. Fortunately, the nearby people called the ambulance on time.

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